Why you should know about Egg Donation

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Egg donation is a process where a woman (egg donor) donates her eggs for the purpose of assisted reproduction. It typically involves IVF technology; while unfertilized eggs can be frozen for future. Initially, the egg donors are thoroughly screened and approval is given before becoming an egg donor in the IVF process. Once the egg donor selection finishes, she undergoes IVF stimulation followed by egg retrieval process.

The Journal of American Medical Association found that the number of egg donors for IVF rised about 70% from 2000 to 2010. Egg donation is third-party reproduction technique of ART. The age of our egg donors in India is between 21-28 years who are willing to donate their eggs to help a couple build their family. Our egg donor database includes a variety of Indian, Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian egg donors. As the intended parent, we leave the choice of which egg donor is the ideal match upon you that perfectly suits your expectations.

Anonymous Egg Donor

A couple who is unable to have a child usually opts for an egg donor through an agency. The intended parents are well-informed about the egg donor by the agency. However, the donor may remain anonymous whether or not pregnancy has occurred.

The details of egg donors at Seed Art are considered confidential. Seed Art has a large pool of egg donor database and their ovaries are monitored on regular basis to assure successful IVF pregnancies.

Are you a potential parent looking for egg donation ?

When a couple achieves parenthood, they may wish to donate the unused. Here, the Seed Art Bank Embryo Donation program utilizes these unused embryos for other couples to have their own baby.


Cryopreservation, or embryo freezing, helps in storing excess embryos for future. Excess embryos are cryopreserved in liquid temperatures at a very low temperature to minimize pregnancy chances.

We at Seed Art Bank will guide you at every step of the egg donation with vast information about egg donation and other services. We request you to explore and learn more about surrogacy methods to make your family 100% complete.