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Egg Donor FAQ

What is egg donor ?

By definition, egg donor is a female who donates her eggs to help another woman get pregnant using in vitro fertilization. Egg donation is the process by which a woman donates eggs for purposes of assisted reproduction or biomedical research.

Who can become egg donor ?

All women cannot donate eggs. Programs vary in the qualities they prefer, but some criteria are fairly standard. Certain rules are set for legal reasons. Other policies are designed to increase the chance that a pregnancy will result and that the process will be safe for both donor and recipient. Commonly, egg donors are between 20 and 30 years, having no history of genetic diseases, serious family illnesses etc.

Can you explain the procedure ?

Egg donors are first recruited, screened, and give consent prior to participation in the IVF process. Once the egg donor is recruited, she undergoes IVF stimulation therapy, followed by the egg retrieval procedure. After retrieval, the ova are fertilized by the sperm of the male partner in the laboratory, and, after several days, the best resulting embryo(s) is/are placed in the uterus of the recipient, whose uterine lining has been appropriately prepared for embryo transfer beforehand.

Who are the recipients of egg donation ?

Couples who are unable to conceive a child with partner’s own eggs generally choose to use donor eggs. There are many reasons that a woman may not be able to conceive with her own eggs including older age, early menopause, poor-quality eggs or previous cancer treatments that damaged the ovaries.

Do you have a donor database at Seed ART Bank ?

Our egg donor database at Seed ART Bank includes a wide variety of egg donor profiles. To get access to our egg donor database, you can apply here

Please contact us to become a member and once you are assigned with a username and password, you will be able to find egg donors who match your criteria. We strive to make the process of selecting an egg donor as easy and as comfortable as possible.

Does Seed ART Bank maintain waiting list for donors ?

If the chosen donor is not available we will be informing the client about it. After retrieval of oocyte from the egg donor, the client will be intimated about the donor’s re-availability.

How successful is it ?

On an average, egg donor cycles have a success rate of over 60%. With egg donation, women who are past their reproductive years or menopause can still become pregnant.

Can I donate more than once ?

Yes. If all goes well with your first egg donation cycle, we would be happy to have you come back and donate again. Repeat donation may take less of your time, because you will have already completed the initial screening process.

How does egg donation affect my fertility in the future ?

Egg donation does not have any long-term effects on your fertility. You can donate your eggs many a times if you belong to the age group 22-30.

How does Seed ART Bank screen its donor candidates ?

All candidates are interviewed & clinically tested in person. We also conduct basic background checks to ensure that each egg donor’s identity number is valid, that the date of birth provided is accurate, and that no criminal records associated with the donor candidate have been filed.