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Surrogacy Process

Have you planned to go ahead on your surrogacy journey? Seed ART can help you throughout this adventure from pre-pregnancy to lactation. Seed ART Bank is committed to provide comfort to prospective parents by ensuring healthy surrogate mothers who receive utmost care and proper attention for smooth birth. We have a long list of available Surrogate mothers and this list continues to grow every day. We have compiled steps that will lead you on the road to parenthood through surrogacy.

Surrogate Review / Initial Consultation

The intended parents begin their surrogacy journey with a free consultation. At Seed ART Bank, you can come to visit our head office. In this phase, most clients understand the surrogacy process; financials involved and receive profile of surrogates to choose from.

Surrogate Contract

Seed ART Bank will help you to understand the issues involved in the surrogacy arrangement process. Once matched, we recommend you to have the agreement reviewed by your attorney or yourself before committing to the process.

Screening and Medical Testing

To check criminal and financial backgrounds, a typical screening process involves an extensive medical and psychological assessment where a surrogate undergoes health screening prior to being matched with intended parents.

Medical Process

Through Seed ART Bank, the process of IVF and embryo transfer is managed and completed through our partner fertility clinics under the leadership of experienced gynaecologists. After the embryo transfer, a beta HcG test is conducted to confirm the pregnancy.


This is the stage where you start realizing dreams-the joy of pregnancy is achieved. From Seed ART Bank, you will receive regular updates on the health of the surrogate mother and fetus. We conduct all tests including Trisomy test to ensure the health of the fetus. Our surrogate mothers are pampered with love during this process.

Legal Arrangements and birth

Seed ART Bank helps you to provide all the documents to establish your parental rights. Legal documentation is our utmost priority in the entire surrogacy process.

Baby Goes Home

The wait is over. Your journey comes to an end. It is a glorious moment to leave the hospital with your baby in your arms. Seed ART Bank has finished its work but we always look forward to help infertile couples who also have same dreams on the road to parenthood. We wish you good wishes from the core of our heart for the years to come.