Clinic Testimonials

Most of the surrogates come to us through Seed ART Bank. We are happy to say that the entire staff has looked after all the formalities - from testing to legal documents to the surrogate care. More than that, they are transparent and always keep us in the loop if there are any delays, hiccups etc. We are looking forward to building a lasting relationship with them. - International Fertility Centre, New Delhi

Apex has used Seed ART Bank egg donor services for its patients. All the egg donors were healthy and their test reports were also complete. Moreover, communication was smooth and whenever there was a question from the patient, Seed ART Bank responded to the question promptly. - Apex Hospital, Jaipur

Seed ART Bank has been a great partner to Tulip. We have been using their egg donors and are satisfied with the services provided by them. The donors were stimulated by them and they followed our protocol whenever needed. To this date, we have never had a failed cycle with them. Keep it up ! - Tulip Hospital, Sonipat

Seed ART Bank is one of the trusted egg donor agencies in India. Most of our prospective parents have been able to realize their dream of parenthood with the help of egg donors from Seed ART Bank. Wish many more intended parents will also become parents through Seed in the near future. - Kiran Fertility Centre, Delhi

Seed ART Bank has helped us to offer egg donors profiles with much detailed information. Our experience with Seed ART Bank was absolutely amazing. We look forward to keep this cordial relationship flourishing and active that brings utmost happiness to our prospective parents. - Akanksha IVF centre, Delhi

What Seed ART Bank has offered was more than we had ever thought. They take care of their egg donors carefully and understand that they can do a lot for others, not just for themselves. - Vita Fertility Clinic, Mumbai

I would like to thank Seed ART Bank for all their help to provide us egg donors for our intended parents when they needed them most. Since we had tie-up the relationship with Seed, many of our intended parents were blessed with babies through their egg donors. Seed ART Bank egg donors have been productive to our prospective parents in the matching process during the surrogacy program. - National Fertility Centre, Haryana