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Egg Freezing Process

Egg freezing is a procedure that preserves a woman’s eggs for future use, generally works best when eggs are retrieved before the age of 40. Egg freezing is also a good medical option, in cases where there is a family history of early menopause, or in cases where a woman is required to undergo, cancer treatment, with radiation and/or chemotherapy. If you’re thinking about freezing your eggs, consider this information before moving forward. The Egg freezing can be done safely and effectively in three convenient steps:

Step 1: Consultation

During your free initial consultation with us, you will learn about egg freezing and your fertility. Your doctor will check your ovarian reserve with tests that determine whether you have plenty of oocytes (eggs) awaiting maturation to be used for egg retrieval. For the appropriate treatment, the doctor will consider your personal, general and reproductive health and the results of blood tests and vaginal ultrasound. The doctor will be available to answer the questions about the benefits and risks, the timing and the next step of the egg freezing process.

Step 2: Fertility Drugs

After the doctor determines that you are fit for egg freezing, you will begin using fertility drugs for seven to 14 days depending on response of the hormone injections. The doctor will monitor you regularly using blood tests and ultrasounds.

Step 3: Retrieval and Freezing

This is a trouble-free part. You egg will be collected while you are under anesthesia. The process will only take 30 minutes. You doctor will use an ultrasound needle to aspirate the mature eggs from the follicles. The retrieval of eggs and the eggs recovered are immediately frozen by using the process known as vitrification. The frozen eggs are then stored in a storage facility, where they safely remain until you decide to use them. Eggs frozen can be successfully used to achieve pregnancy for up to ten years or more.

Cost Factor

Seed ART Bank feels that fertility preservation is a practical investment to build your future family. We have affordable packages for you to fulfill your dream.

We care for you

Seed ART Bank is dedicated to women for the preservation of their fertility. Our experience has helped hundreds of women through services like Egg-Freezing. Ours is a reputed and trusted agency that has built a network with leading fertility centers. Our commitment is to provide you the chance of having your own children in the future. We are enthusiastic to support you at every juncture, contact us to know how we are different from others, how we care for our clients.