Donor Testimonials

It was an exhilarating journey to be an egg donor. I took part in the egg donation process at Seed ART Bank, few months ago and I believe that the benefits can be rewarding, both financially and emotionally, for people like me who are healthy and willing to give their time to the process. - Sudha

Seed ART Bank took very good care of me and guided me of every step of the way. I have already donated my eggs twice and I would love to donate more. It gives you empathy and you feel proud to help others. - Parul

The donation process is not difficult as people think. When I donated the second time, I was very happy to know that my last donation was successful and I had made someone happy. - Ana

Seed ART Bank cleared all my doubts that I had about egg donation. It’s just a myth that you will become infertile after donating your eggs. I was blessed with a baby boy even after donating my eggs twice. - Tina

Initially, I had hesitations about going through the egg donation process but I really like this place because the staff is young and I can relate to them more. So the process did not feel like it was painful and I had a fun time donating my eggs. I am just waiting for the right time, to become a donor again. - Karen

I really did not understand the process at first. But the doctor carefully explained to me in detail so there were no unpleasant surprises. The process doesn’t take long. Now I recommend all my friends to donate here as well as there is nothing wrong to date the eggs for building someone’s family. - Pallavi

There is nothing to worry about being an egg donor. I had felt a little pain and groggy after the egg retrieval, so the staff had kept me there the entire day and only let me go once I was feeling well. I was really happy they took such good care of me even after the process. - Jessica