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Surrogate Home and Care

Surrogacy is an unforgettable gift and an extraordinary experience. Women who choose to become surrogate mothers do so out of their genuine compassion to help a couple for having a child. They understand that their help means a tremendous lot to the intended parents. Our mission is to care for the surrogate and provide her the best possible treatment in return for her help.

Surrogate Accommodation

Seed ART Bank provides the best accommodation for all surrogates mothers who are enrolled in our surrogacy program. After the acceptance into our program, each surrogate is given a room where they have all the facilities including kitchen, washroom, TV, bedroom etc. Many surrogates after matching with intended parents move into our surrogate homes and start living there after their pregnancy is confirmed. Their families are also allowed to visit them.

Surrogate Healthcare and Nutrition

A team comprising of a number of workers and caretakers live at surrogate accomodation for the assistance of surrogate mothers. For surrogates not living at the home, the coordinator visits them regularly and keeps in touch. The workers deliver each surrogate a supply of nutritional foods and vegetable items including milk every day. These workers’ responsibility is to make sure that the surrogate mothers are getting their prescribed medications, daily supplements and proper rest. Seed ART Bank also takes care to the families of surrogate mothers’ whenever they demand for it.

Though our surrogates are being properly monitored by doctors at regular intervals at fertility clinics, a general doctoral visit the surrogate’s rooms to see whether they have all the proper facilities or not. The physician also conducts nutrition counseling and prescribes special nutrition in cases of twins, constipation, etc.

Surrogate Transportation

As we all know that many checkups and investigations take place during the initial stages of the treatment and pregnancy. To make this journey easy and comfortable, we have a team of drivers who are available 24*7 to take the surrogate mother to the clinic for the routine visit or in any emergency in air-conditioned vehicles.

Payment for Surrogate Mother

Prospective parents pay for the accommodation, healthcare and food for their surrogate as part of the surrogacy package. Seed ART Bank continues to support your surrogates even after the delivery. Once a surrogate comes to us, the intended parents and gestational carriers becomes a part of the Seed ART Bank family till the process ends.

Our staff treats each and every surrogate mother with compassionate and skilled care. They and their pregnancies are precious to us because we know that this is not only our dedicated work, but someone’s dream as well.