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Intended Parents – FAQ

To expand a family through surrogacy definitely requires teamwork, the role of the intended parents in the process is the key. You are the ultimate one who makes sole decisions about your journey and it’s important to have a proper plan for the entire process.

Why should I choose Seed ART Bank over other agencies ?

We are one of the leading independent surrogacy service providers and banks that supply oocytes/eggs in Delhi. Our aim is to provide an opportunity to infertile couples and fulfill their dream of having their own child and creating families.

How do I begin the process?

Starting your surrogacy begins with a free consultation. You’ll hear from an experienced attorney as well as a social worker or licensed therapist. We’ll tell you about our program offerings, ask you about your experience so far, and answer any questions you have. To request a consultation, click here. You can learn more about what a consultation involves here.

Can you tell us which IVF clinics do you work with ?

Seed ART Bank has solid relationship with several fertility clinics. Intended parents ultimately take the decision to use IVF clinics recommended by us because we have a good relationship with these clinics. One such clinic is International Fertility Centre who we has been our partner for more than 6 years and we have had 500 babies with them till date.

What are the benefits while working with a surrogacy agency ?

Working with a surrogacy agency is mandatory to guide you through the surrogacy journey. Do-it-yourself approach is a complex process, we guide you each and every step and proper legal representation and handle all insurance and finance related matters.

Can I be a parent through surrogacy ?

Yes, this surrogacy agency works with intended parents for heterosexual couples who are unable to conceive naturally. We have helped many intended parents build families through surrogacy. We assist you at every step from start to finish until you go home with your baby.

What are the laws about surrogacy ?

Commercial surrogacy is legal in India as early as in 2002. We assure you will not find any problems in legal matters while going through our surrogacy program. Prospective Parents of India can go ahead with gestational surrogacy and can have a baby through surrogacy to enjoy the joy of parenthood.

Does Egg Donors are anonymous or known ?

Our egg donors always remain anonymous. We strictly adhere the guidelines laid down by Indian Council For Medical Counsel and Research.