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Egg Donor IVF India

What does Egg Donation Mean?

Egg donation is involves a woman who donates eggs for assisted reproduction of another woman. For this purpose, egg donation typically occurs through in vitro fertilization (IVF), with the eggs being fertilized in the laboratory; or through natural IVF cycle. Egg donation is a third-party reproduction method of assisted reproductive technology (ART). The first child born from egg donation was in Australia, 1983. Before, infertile couples resorted to adoption to fulfill their parenthood dreams. With the advancement in IVF and egg donation procedures, egg donation has become a common practice.

With the development of donor egg IVF process in India, the donor’s eggs are now extracted from the donor’s ovaries and fertilized in the laboratory, similar to the IVF process, but the fully-developed embryo is inserted in the intended mother’s ovaries instead of the woman who donated her eggs. With the help of these donor eggs, the intended parents achieve the golden opportunity to become pregnant and give birth to their own biological child. The egg donor IVF process in India is usually performed through 2 methods – Egg Donor or Natural IVF cycle

1. Using Donor eggs (Stimulated IVF cycle)

In this method, the egg donor woman is given fertility drugs for ovary stimulation to produce a number of eggs. Once the eggs turn mature, the eggs are extracted and fertilized in a laboratory dish. Egg culturing is followed for 2-3 days in the laboratory. One embryo culturing is done; the healthiest and most suitable embryos are chosen and inserted into the intended woman’s uterus for achieving high pregnancy rates.

2. Using Natural IVF

Natural IVF treatment in India is quite similar to the traditional IVF treatment. The main advantage of natural IVF treatment is that it does not involve usage of fertility drugs used to ovary stimulation to produce eggs. As it does not involve medications, only one egg can be produced per cycle. The success rate of Natural IVF treatment in India provides lower pregnancy success rates as compared to stimulated IVF cycle.

What does Egg Donation process involve?

  • Screening for the suitable Egg Donor
  • Consent between the Egg Donor and the Intended Parents
  • Matching the cycle of the intended parent with the egg donor
  • Stimulation of ovaries
  • Egg retrieval
  • Fertilization to create embryos
  • Embryo Transfer into the Intended parent

Egg Donor Database at Seed Art Bank

Seed ART Bank is a renowned egg donation agency in India and has marked its presence in the field of reproductive medicine with impressive success rates. For many parents, finding egg donors in Delhi is a time-taking job.

This is why, at Seed ART Bank, we have a wide-range of donor database. We assure you to provide the best suitable and healthy egg donor so that you can have a healthy baby. The donor database at Seed ART Bank gives a clear background of the egg donor including the personal and family details of the Egg donor. We at Seed ART Bank aspire to give you the best Egg Donation IVF treatment along with world-class services and facilities as required. If you wish to have a look at our comprehensive egg donor database, we request you to visit our website and click on “Egg Donor Database.”

Cost of Egg Donor IVF Process

At Seed Art Bank, we promise you with cost-effective egg donor IVF process and high success rates. We promise you to make your egg donation IVF treatment a safe and successful experience.