Why women donate eggs to help infertile couples

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Women who wish to aid childless couples through egg donation undergo psychological counseling to gain understanding about the complete procedure.

Women who act as an egg donor feel proud in helping infertile couples. Two-thirds of women who donated eggs were satisfied with the process.

The process of egg donation is performed by various egg donor agencies in India. Infertility is a major concern and many young girls are looking forward for egg donation.

There can be several causes of infertility as infertility is a complex disorder. Some women are born without ovaries or their ovaries are surgically removed or suffer no pause at an early age. Most women carry pregnancy with lesser complications through egg donation.

Sometimes, healthy women may possess severe genetic disorders which may get forwarded in their children by natural conception. Woman who seek for eggs from a healthy woman with no genetic disorders, with the help of fertility specialists, can give birth to a healthy baby with no genetic disorders.

There are a few case where the eggs are o poor quality or have a diminished numbers of egg during previous IVF attempts. Women in their 30s or early 40s may have a history of endometriosis. For this purpose, Egg donation is an effective option to maximize pregnancy chances.

The egg donation procedure and eligibility of the egg donor in India is an easy process, unlike IVF procedures. The eggs donated by the egg donor are stored in the laboratory for fertilization followed by embryo culturing procedure.

If you are a healthy woman with 21-30 years of age, you are eligible to become an egg donor. All the egg donor’s identity remains confidential, as stated by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines.