Why Should I Become an Egg Donor India?

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Egg donation for infertile couples is a noble gesture. At present, thousands of couples have fulfilled their parenthood dreams through egg donation and are grateful for the efforts put in by egg donors.

We at Seed ART Bank strongly believe that the decision of becoming an egg donor is not at all simple. Budding donors think that they may not have children in future. While some drop the idea of donating their eggs thinking that the egg retrieval process is a painful job. But all these are false myths that hold no truth.

If you have still doubts about becoming an egg donor, below are a few reasons why young women are becoming donors.

The basic eligibility criteria to become an egg donor are as follows :

  • Aged between 18-32 years
  • Have a healthy BMI (19-29)
  • Well-educated
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • A non-smoker

Seed ART Bank guides its donors at every phase of the egg donation process. Always remember that you are not alone and receive full support whenever required.

We have an exclusive egg donor database and receive impressive compensations for their sincere efforts to raise someone’s family.

Note that a woman can donate her eggs more than once. If are already an egg donor, you can donate eggs again anytime.

If we talk about the link between egg donation and infertility, there is no concrete proof that shows prolonged health issues. If there is any risk, our fertility experts will be at your service always. We warmly welcome our prospective egg donors to share their concerns in regards to the egg donation process.