Why do Women become Surrogates?

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Surrogacy is an effective option for couples who are unable to conceive but dream of having their own child. Nobody wishes to become a surrogate only for financial purposes. For one thing, surrogacy agencies in India won’t follow it. According to Seed ART Bank, a renowned surrogacy agency, surrogacy is becoming a commonplace for infertile couples. This is why surrogate mother are taken good care of.

“I am very happy that I become a successful surrogate for a foreign couple with their sperm and eggs. I already have children and am proud another family was created because of me,” says a surrogate associated with Seed ART.

No genetic relationship with Surrogate

Women who become surrogates feel good being pregnant and possess genuine interests to help an infertile couple to have their child. Surrogates are always ready to help in raising a family for childless couples. Many people believe in various myths in regards to surrogacy services in India. However, in gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate carries the intended mother’s eggs and the intended father’s sperm is a common thing now. With gestational surrogacy, an egg is fertilized and transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus using IVF. In this case, the surrogate mother has no genetic link, and both intended parents can be named on the birth certificate.

Statistics on Surrogacy in India

India has become a commonplace for medical tourism as the availability of advanced technology, presence of a large number of medical experts and highly affordable medical costs. According to a recent research, around 1,000 surrogacy births happy yearly in India, however, there is no official records for surrogacy.

Genetic Parents get Baby Birth Certificate

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) introduced guidelines for accreditation, supervision and regulation of surrogacy and ART clinics in 2005. Intended Parents are the legal parents of the baby born to a surrogate. The name of the surrogate mother is not present anywhere in the baby’s birth certificate, clearly stated in the ICMR guidelines. The birth certificate will only carry the name of the intended parents. Mostly, the clients’ sperm and egg are implanted in the surrogate’s womb.

Surrogates in India act only as a facilitator between the agency and the intended Parents. Their role is only to achieve pregnancy using ART methods. Everything else comes under the responsibility of agencies.

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Seed ART is rewarding to its surrogate community. We at Seed ART Bank aspire to help the intended parents. Seed ART promises to make your parenthood experience – from the initial consultation until long after the delivery – worthwhile and satisfactory. We are always available to guide you at every step of the surrogacy process.