What is the importance of a successful pregnancy for becoming a surrogate?

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For becoming a surrogate, a successful pregnancy is must. In short, a surrogate must have one baby before becoming a surrogate. Women become surrogates for many reasons.

A full-fledged understanding of the surrogacy process is important before beginning the surrogacy journey. Surrogacy is a life-changing decision. One of the prime things, the intended parents seek are the basic surrogate requirements. Some of the requirements are outlined by the Seed ART bank as per the guidelines of ICMR. The Indian Council of Medical Research, the apex body in India for the formulation, coordination and promotion of biomedical research, issued certain guidelines in regards to ART aimed towards welfare of surrogate mothers. Among these guidelines Seed ART Bank strictly adheres to surrogate’s requirements, where a woman must have had one successful child birth prior becoming a surrogate.

Some women are enthusiastic to experience pregnancy with little trouble to carry the child for someone. Many women are mentally prepared to face the challenges dealing with hormonal discomforts throughout the process. For becoming a surrogate, she shall possess pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience.

To choose surrogacy is usually the result of infertility. Around 1 in 7 couples face infertility and it is an issue of both male and female. We also support single individuals and same-sex couples to help build their families.

Mostly, the couples are unaware about their fertility until they think of having a baby. When couples fail to conceive after many efforts, they look for medical help. After a comprehensive evaluation at a fertility clinic, they come to know about their fertility potential.

Overall, ICMR guidelines make sure that our surrogate feels comfortable with the process and are determined to become a surrogate. Pregnancy history is a key factor in evaluating a potential surrogate. We strongly agree that it is important to set forth for potential surrogates as it offers valuable information whether a woman qualifies to be a surrogate. Our agency offers best services to gestational surrogate mother in India.