What Do Prospective Parents Look For in An Egg Donor?

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The number of prospective parents looking for an egg donor is increasing quickly and more emphasis is added on a donor’s intelligence and the donor’s appearance is least considered. This shows a shift in the preferences for an egg donor to build their family. In short, academic excellence is more favorable.

Choosing an egg donor is a straight-forward process but may turn complicated sometimes. At this point, Seed ART Bank, a leading egg donor and surrogacy agency in India, plays the role of a mediator between the intended parents and the egg donors.

The factors involved while choosing an egg donor entirely depends upon the couple – whether you choose a donor with the same eye color, height as yours, or if he/she is intelligent, and shares the same preferences.

When searching for the perfect egg donor, a donor’s physical characteristics should match the female partner. It’s obvious that you wish to have a baby as familiar as possible.

Intended Parents seeking for egg donors consider academic performance, health quotient, age and so on. Seed ART Bank egg donors in India gives splendid opportunities to check the physical characteristics and presents information like height, weight and eye color etc. This effectively helps the intended parents make better decisions in regards to choosing the egg donor.

Seed ART Bank offers sufficient assistance throughout the process – donor selection, legalities and more. Our purpose is to build families through surrogacy and egg donation with high-quality standards.