Things you need to know about Gestational Surrogacy

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When a woman has difficulty in becoming pregnant due to medical reasons, she might require a gestational surrogate to build their families. In gestational surrogacy treatment, the intended mother donates her eggs to initiate the surrogacy program. With the help of a fertility clinic, one can find a surrogate that matches their needs. Usually there is a contract between the surrogate and the prospective parents. Seed ART Bank, one of the leading surrogacy agencies, offers low-cost surrogacy packages as compared to other agencies.

The baby born of gestational surrogacy does not share any genetic links with the surrogate – the egg is usually extracted from the intended mother and the sperm from the intended father.

Who needs a gestational surrogate ?

  • Women who do not possess a functional uterus or who have their uterus surgically removed
  • Women who have uterus like extensive fibroids
  • History of recurrent miscarriage
  • Repeated IVF failures
  • Severe Medical conditions
  • The prospective parents share biological links with their baby
  • The embryo transferring process is a time-saving and easy process
  • Parent with repeated IVF failures
  • History of recurrent pregnancy loss
  • High success rates

Benefits of Gestational Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a highly-successful treatment for the following reasons :

  • Infertile couples achieve parenthood with the help of a surrogate
  • High success rates around the world through gestational surrogacy
  • The surrogate is fertile; under 40s and owns a healthy child of her own