Seed Art Bank – A Ray of Hope For Intended Parents

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How does Seed ART Bank support surrogacy ?

Parenthood planning is an extremely personal and crucial decision. However, many couples cannot become parents due to infertility. That’s why Seed Art has come to your rescue in India to help infertile couples achieve parenthood through surrogacy. We strongly agree that you have the right to have a child.

Seed Art Bank, a leading surrogacy and egg donation agency, is dedicated to build families for intended parents through surrogacy. We enable heterosexual parents different parts of india to fulfill parenthood.

Becoming an Egg Donor in India

Seed Art feels obliged to have numerous women becoming a part of our egg donation program. Our egg donors in India are healthy, youthful, creative and ethnically diverse. Once the admission process of our egg donation program finishes and if you get selected then your profile will be displayed on the Seed Art site under donor database section.

How to become a Surrogate at Seed ART Bank

Seed ART Bank is at its best to assist surrogates perfect throughout the entire surrogacy process. Our main purpose is offer surrogates and the intended parents with world-class and smooth experience on the road to parenthood. Once you get shortlisted for becoming a surrogate at Seed Art, our program coordinator will contact you soonest and schedule your appointment for screening in Delhi. Our medical check-ups involve three stages: screening, embryo implantations and delivery. It also inhibits a thorough application, psychological tests and evaluations, a medical examination by an IVF specialist, infectious disease diagnosis and criminal background investigation.

Step-by-step Guide

Once the matching of surrogate is done, you are requested to get a consultation done from the embryologists at Seed ART Bank. Then the legal procedures begin and in case of egg donation, you can wind any screening left unfinished.

After the legal procedures get completed, the surrogate and intended mother are prepared for the embryo transfer process and pregnancy is attempted later. Pregnancy results show up after 10-12 days.