Let’s beat the biological clock, Store your egg at Seed ART Bank

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Egg freezing, one of the latest effective options for women who wish to delay pregnancy, is a splendid opportunity as it lets us freeze your eggs and be completely focused on their career.

Freezing eggs, also called oocyte cryopreservation, is a process where a woman beats the biological clock by extending her fertility. All they need to do is to get her eggs extracted to be frozen for later. These frozen eggs are stored for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments so that whenever the woman decides to become pregnant in future, the frozen eggs can be transferred into her uterus and have a successful pregnancy. In India, there is an evident rise in the trends of working women – both single and married – who wish to focus on their careers and opt for egg freezing. The cost of egg freezing in India for working women in India is around a few lakhs for fertility preservation.

With the occurrence of improved medical technology, a flash-freezing process called vitrification has made egg storage a much more practical option. In egg freezing, eggs are placed in liquid nitrogen at temperatures of -196°C, making the eggs freeze instantly. Since its origin, egg freezing has turned out to be successful for a lot of women. Also, women with cancer follow egg freezing to safeguard their fertility during the cancer treatment. It has been noticed that vitrification is a much better technique. There is no denial in the fact that the age at which eggs are frozen plays a key role when it comes to a successful pregnancy. A frozen egg from a younger woman is always better than that of a 35-year-old woman. Egg freezing has around 47% success rate. Various fertility experts strongly agree that success depends up on the age of the woman, the number of eggs extracted and how successfully the eggs are fertilized.

Cryopreservation is followed since years but it recently got huge prominence when two big US corporations – Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. – announced that they would pay around $20,000 for its female employees to opt for egg freezing and continue making their career.

Why Egg Freezing ?

Seed ART Bank offers eminent opportunities to women for freezing their eggs for later use whenever they think of having a child. This is why many women are following egg freezing program for a secure future.

Fertility starts to decline in women as they turn older but egg freezing helps them secure their fertility to have babies in late 30s or 40s. The egg-freezing process is time-saving and simple.