Intended Parents – Let’s know about our Surrogate Mothers

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Having a child is one of the loveliest things in this world. Intended parents who wish to have children through third-party reproduction are increasingly crossing international borders to have children with genetic relationship.

Seed ART Bank, one of the leading agencies in India, facilitates surrogacy process for couples who cannot find suitable surrogate mothers. We owe a huge network of surrogate mothers who carry their child to term.

Our surrogate mothers in India are physically and mentally healthy and between 20 and 30 years old of age. All our surrogate mothers are thoroughly screened and they should have one child of their own. For couples who are looking for surrogacy services through our agency, our surrogate mothers are prepared to get fresh medical tests done before the process begins.

Our skilled team of doctors is prepared for the embryo transfer process one month prior to the surrogacy agreement between the surrogate and the intended parents. Our IVF specialists at fertility clinics examine the cycles of surrogate mother regularly. With utmost care, our surrogates undergo all the medical procedures as advised by doctors. The prime goal of our Surrogacy Program is guide the intended parents at every step until the moment till their parenthood dreams come true.

Once the embryo transfer occurs, your surrogate gets a blood test to check whether the pregnancy attempt is successful or not. If the embryo transfer process is a success, our program manager maintains coordination and makes sure that all the requirements of your surrogate are fulfilled. The Program Coordinator updates the doctor about the daily routine, check-up reports and so on. This is an ongoing proves. We provide a healthy accommodation for surrogates at fertility clinic where the doctors facilitate necessary check-ups till full term.

Our team of legal experts fulfills all the required arrangements along with the baby’s birth registration documents.