How to Find an Egg Donor in Seed Art Bank

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Seed Art offers best hands-on approach to the egg donation process. We ensure that the intended parents are enthusiastic and determined while choosing surrogacy and are blessed with healthy and fit babies. We are the 1st surrogacy and egg donation agency in India that provides online egg donor information to those in need. If you are looking for the perfect egg donor, Seed ART Bank is right here to help you.

Below is a step-by-step guide of the egg donation procedure

Become a member of Seed ART Bank

Once you are a part of Seed ART Bank, you are allocated a username and password. Once your account is created, you’ve customized your search for egg donor and can begin glancing egg donor profiles. We have a huge egg donor database specially designed for you – including egg donors from different parts of the world – Asian, Caucasian and South African donors.

How do I choose the best egg donor ?

You will find a wide-range of photos to study upon egg donors with the extensively-detailed information.

Seed Art makes your egg donor selection process easier. Searching for egg donor has value added filtering options like ethnicity as well. You can also examine our egg donors in context of physical traits – eye color, hair color or blood type.

Each egg donor profile involves :

  • Introduction
  • Personal Bio
  • Education Information
  • Health / Reproductive History
  • Family / Genetic History
  • Physical characteristics

At Seed Art, we owe widespread knowledge and highly-skilled experience in the field of surrogacy and ovum/egg donation. Our commitment is to provide the best and fulfilling secure environment, empower intended parents to build their families through surrogacy and egg donation.