How Surrogates of Seed ART Bank create families

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Our surrogates at Seed ART Bank wish to help the intended parents on the way to parenthood by becoming a gestational surrogate. A lot of women contact us for becoming a surrogate. Seed ART Bank aspires to make your surrogacy experience – from primary consultation until delivery – a successful one. Our purpose is to guide and support at every phase of the surrogacy experience.

Let’s know our Surrogate Mothers

Seed ART Bank takes utmost care of the surrogate community. We consider our surrogates as a part of our family who makes someone’s parenthood dream come true. At Seed ART Bank, we are blessed with a special privilege of working with surrogates in India belonging to different backgrounds.

Our surrogates in India share a healthy bond with other surrogates. Our Program Coordinators leads the surrogate-parent relationship during the procedure. Our daily tasks include psychological counseling, organizing surrogate and family events in Delhi.

Why is the matching process important ?

We truly understand how important it is for you to find the perfect surrogate to have your baby. Our years of experience educated us that matching actually matters. For a successful surrogacy journey, the selection of the best suitable surrogate is the base for the complete process. Compared to other surrogate agencies in India, our step-by-step matching procedure is quite time-saving. A thorough screening of our surrogates makes our approach a step ahead.

Surrogacy is a complicated process that demands utmost care, attention, and compassion at every phase. Seed ART Bank is a surrogacy agency in India that holds your hand and successfully guides you throughout the process. We want your surrogacy experience to be a beautiful and positively-rewarding experience.