How Seed Art Bank helps prospective parents around the world

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When a couple starts with their surrogacy journey, they have to undergo many complexities. Seed ART Bank, one of the leading surrogacy agencies in India, helps you raise your family successfully. Here are a few points that will elaborate how SEED ART Bank guides you at every step of the surrogacy journey.

Seed Art Bank – A Mediator

Sharing a healthy relationship between the surrogate and the intended parents is the most essential episode of a successful pregnancy. Seed Art Bank provides utmost care to the new baby. The purpose of our agency is to offer reimbursements among the parties involved. Other issues involve coordination for appointments, organizing travel and accommodation and referring individuals to counselors. All these factors make your surrogacy experience smooth and hassle-free.

Medical and Psychological Screening

Seed Art Bank, a full service agency, offers thorough screening process that comprises of personal and family background history of your donor or surrogate. It also involves diagnosis of STDs. Once your tests are positive, a green signal is given by our fertility specialist to proceed further.

Cost Effective Service

For the childless couples, Seed ART Bank has developed special programs and an all-inclusive package for surrogacy. We are committed to provide world-class quality services with integrity and true professionalism. We also grant guarantee plans that deliver peace of mind.

Support for Prospective Parents

We take immense pride to offer full-service support with legal, medical, financial, emotional and educational aspects of the surrogacy process that helps make best and suitable decisions.

Our surrogacy agency in Delhi encourages you to get in touch with us to know more details abput our surrogacy programme as it will be a pleasure to arrange free primary consultation as per your convenience. Seed ART Bank emphasizes on all the aspects of surrogacy procedures. We believe in making surrogate parenting, a teamwork for highly-skilled experts.