Gestational Surrogacy – Fulfills the joy of Parenthood for Prospective Parents

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Surrogacy is a process where the intended father’s sperm is put into surrogate’s uterus who is responsible for carrying baby to full term. The baby is genetically linked to the intended parents but the nurturing of the baby occurs in the surrogate’s womb. The woman who carries the baby throughout the pregnancy duration and handovers the baby to the prospective parents post delivery is called a gestational surrogate, – a vital role in the surrogacy process. As per the laws, surrogacy is legally-approved for Indians because :

Presence of highly-skilled IVF experts and embryologists

Surrogate mothers in India have a simple living, aren’t habitual smokers or alcohol drink or smoke and obey doctor’s orders wisely

In the surrogacy process in India, the surrogate’s uterus remains intact and does not get harmed during or after the surrogacy process. It is similar to blood donation, where blood once given benefits both the parties – giver and take – involved.

Gestational Surrogacy/Surrogate mothers in India

In medical terminology, gestational surrogacy is an assisted reproduction method where embryos created through IVF are inserted into the uterus of a woman who shares no genetic links with the embryos. Most of the prospective parents follow Surrogacy – if the intended female has a non-functional uterus; women with unknown medical problems as these are a risk for the mother or baby during pregnancy; and also for women who experienced failed IVF cycles before.

The eggs are extracted and fertilized for embryo culturing in the laboratory which occurs in 3-5 days. On the day of transfer, the most suitable and healthiest embryos are chosen to be placed in the uterus of the surrogate. The quantity of embryos transferred usually depends upon the age of the women and the quality factor of the cultured embryos.

The pregnancy success rate of the surrogate mother process in India highly depends upon the age of the woman providing the eggs. Surrogacy success rates are the highest possible – pregnancy rates of 75-80% and delivery rates over 60%.

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