Egg Donation : Art of Blessing a Family

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Egg donation is a divine blessing for childless couples desperately waiting for a miracle to happen and if someone donates their eggs help these couples, then it is a noble gesture. In today’s world, most of the women are looking forward to donate their eggs. This purpose is successfully fulfilled by ART Banks affiliated with well-known fertility clinics worldwide. Egg donation brings you a step closer to parenthood. An embryo is created from the donor eggs and sperm of male partner and then inserted back into the woman’s uterus.

Growing Demand : The need for egg donors is on a rise with the ever-growing infertility rates. With the advancements in medical technology, the egg donation process in India is performed with seriousness and more ease. Vegetarian, intelligent, fair, and tall are a few most preferred characteristics by the prospective parents while choosing an egg donor for their baby.

Egg Donation Process : Like other Assisted Reproductive Techniques, egg donation also inhibits a series of procedures and occurs in minimum time with more comfort. An egg donor who wants to donate her eggs gets in touch with egg donor agencies in Delhi and is made to sign a contract, stating that the donated eggs and resulting embryos belong to the recipient couple. Then the egg donor goes through an IVF cycle, while, the female parent is made ready for embryo implantation.

The egg donor’s ovaries are stimulated through fertility drugs so that maximum number of eggs is produced and the eggs are retrieved for fertilization and embryo culturing. The healthiest ad suitable embryos are chosen and maximum 1-2 embryos are transferred in the intending mother’s uterus followed by ultrasound guidance. The pregnancy rates of egg donation is approximately 75-80% with a delivery success rate of above 55% per IVF cycle.

Donate Your Eggs at Seed ART Bank : Seed ART Bank, one of most renowned egg donation agency in India, offers stunning success rates. Finding best-quality egg donors in Delhi is a tedious job. This is why, Seed ART Bank provides with a huge egg donor database with high-quality, healthy, and best-in class egg donor profiles as the egg donors play a vital role in the egg donation process. We at Seed ART Bank aim to fulfill every requirement of yours and keep the information highly confidential.