Creating A Relationship With Your Surrogate in India

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Creating a healthy relationship with your surrogate is a necessity for a safe and smooth surrogacy experience. Surrogates are trained prior to the initiation of the surrogacy treatment in a way that they are mentally developed to carry a baby to full term and help someone become parents. The prime goal of becoming a surrogate is to help someone build their family and their main purpose is to help build your family and their biggest reward is to watch you holding your baby in your arms for the first time. This post will tell you how to make your relationship with the surrogate – a healthy and successful one. At Seed ART Bank, we impart our surrogates and prospective parents that for having a healthy and sound relationship with your surrogate there should be trust, communication, appropriate boundaries and flexibility.

Trust : Trust is the prime ingredient to build a good relationship in the surrogacy process. Trust is the core of your relationship with the surrogate. It is a mutual gift that encourages success in any surrogacy program. The selected surrogates in the matching program want to feel that there is a feeling of trust and you should believe that your baby is in good hands. Also, they don’t want or need to be controlled by you, although of course, it’s understandable that you want lots of details. If you have a strong foundation of trust with your surrogate and vice versa, you will be able to have a worthwhile surrogacy experience.

Communication : Communication is a vital part of surrogacy treatment. You should be able to communicate with your surrogate about your relationship and how your parenthood dream coming true will make you feel. This will indicate that you are highly concerned and serious about having a baby and your surrogate will feel that you actually care. You can also have face-to-face or use options like chatting, calling or Skype, to communicate with your surrogate, in case of geographical restrictions. At Seed ART Bank, there is a team of specialized experts that aspire to provide the surrogate utmost care and safety. We at Seed ART Bank aim to make your surrogacy experience – a worthwhile and successful one. The most effective way to build good and healthy relationships with your surrogate is to share each other’s interest and keep the conversations light and honest.

Boundaries : Setting the boundaries in your relationship with your surrogate is essential. You should maintain a thin line between the commitments and services. The parties involved in the surrogacy program should not make promises that are unrealistic. Always remember that your surrogacy relationship exists only to make your parenthood dream come true. Sometimes, the intended parents make the mistake of developing unwanted close and personal relationships with the surrogate mother. In this phase, they may reveal things or make commitments that are impractical. Therefore, it is advised to keep the relationship slow, warm, authentic, and set appropriate boundaries.

Flexibility : Flexibility is very important in the surrogacy relationship. Always remember that your surrogate may have a life besides surrogacy, although your journey to parenthood is your topmost priority; she also has to think about her kids, her partner, and job, and the surrogacy may not be her priority. So you should be flexible in your expectations from her.

Your surrogate’s primary goal is to succeed at having your baby. When there is trust between the parties, smooth communication, appropriate boundaries and flexible expectations, you have set the stage for a wonderful journey together.