Benefits of working with a Surrogacy Agency in India

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For intended couples, you have many benefits for working with a surrogacy agency. You may have chosen gestational surrogate to give birth to your biological child. For this purpose, Seed Art Bank, one of the leading surrogacy providers in India, guides at every step of the surrogacy journey.

Here are the best reasons to work with Seed

Provides Quality Support : When working with a surrogacy agency, you are offered quality support and expert guidance throughout the process. From medical testing to paperwork, Seed Art Bank grants all the support during the surrogacy journey to the intended parents.

Ensures Proper Legal Representation : Surrogacy laws vary from state-to-state and changes dynamic with the growth of reproductive technologies. Seed has full-time lawyers that make your process legally hassle-free.

Performs thorough Screening & Selection : During the screening process, a full-service surrogacy agency in India updates you with the personal and medical background history of your surrogate and the intended parents. Seed ART has effective resources to examine medical and criminal background check for a successful and healthy pregnancy. Such agencies also help intended parents during the donor or surrogate selection process making your surrogacy experience smooth and easy-going.

Mediator : Seed Art Bank facilitates the payment process between prospective parents and the surrogate, stipends and reimbursements, for medical expenses. It makes intended parents more focused on other essential things during surrogacy – like sharing a healthy relationship with your surrogate or the intended parents.