A surrogacy agency that brings hope for Prospective Parents

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A quick growth in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) provides a wonderful opportunity to help raise their family. After struggling with infertility, for years, a couple needs the help of an egg donor.

Many egg donor agencies are on a rise while few are run people having comprehensive knowledge about the egg donation process and the legal aspects of surrogacy in India. With years of experience in ART, we have successfully created a full-service egg donor and surrogacy agency to help parents make their parenthood dreams come true. Let’s take a glance at who we are and how we can help people to become parents.

Seed ART Bank, one of the leading independent surrogacy providers, is affiliated with leading fertility and IVF clinics in India and intended parents across the globe. We ensure that every intended parent enjoys a caring and understanding environment while looking for an egg donor with us.

Our top-notch staff promises utmost care of existing egg donors. We have a huge egg donor database and our advantages include extensive information about egg donors. You can access our exclusive egg donor database including – physical characteristics, personal bio, health and reproductive history. Our ethnically-diverse donors come from diverse backgrounds. Our egg donor process is pocket-friendly and cost-effective offering you peace of mind. We also hire healthy surrogates and maintain coordination with the intended parents on their road to parenthood.

Overall, our surrogacy agency in India, which aims to aid childless couples to achieve parenthood, functions uniquely. This means that you will have lesser struggle and have satisfactory support during the entire surrogacy procedure. We promise to guide the prospective parents at every phase of this life-changing process – acting as an information resource and competitive support system.

Patients from New Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and other cities have sought our expertise in finding egg donors, and receiving treatments through fertility clinics such as IVF, ICSI, and more.