8 Things you should know about Surrogacy Program

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Surrogacy opens up new horizons and splendid opportunities for couples who are unable to conceive naturally due to infertility or any other medical reasons. Surrogacy program is a complex process, if you are unaware of the principals of surrogacy.

10 things that you should consider before choosing surrogacy are as follows :

Medical Issues : When you are diagnosed with infertility, surrogacy comes to your rescue to raise your family. Your surrogate should be qualified enough before starting the surrogacy program.

Psychological Concerns : Consult a counselor to understand how surrogacy will benefit you to have your own biological baby. The counselor will make you mentally prepared for all the ups and downs during the surrogacy process. This will make you motivated and determined to face all the challenges in the surrogacy program.

Psychological counseling of the surrogate mother : The surrogate should have a child of ger own to be able carry another’s baby in her womb. This determines the eligibility of a surrogate showering you with peace of mind. You can also fetch more details during the matching process.

Awareness of legal issues in surrogacy : There is no denial that all the countries do not share same laws on surrogacy. In case of any confusion, you can speak out to any fertility clinic.

Clarity about the process : The intended parents and surrogate should be aware of the details of entire medical history including genetic health disorder, health status, prior marriages, marital status, prior pregnancy history, infertility history and so on.

Ongoing Psychological counseling : This is an essential important step after signing the surrogacy contract. Intended Parents and surrogate have to undergo psychological counseling so that their journey becomes smoother.

Partner’s relationship with the child : In gestational surrogacy, the resulting child is genetically linked to the intended parents. Either of the partners provides eggs or sperm and through IVF, the embryo is implanted in the surrogate’s uterus.

Choose the right agency : Having the perfect agency brings you a step closer to successful parenthood. The agencies are essential to facilitate the “right” process between the parties involved – intended parents, fertility clinic and the surrogate mother.