7 Signs for Becoming a Great Egg Donor in India

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You may have heard about Egg donation before, Right? Or you may know someone who has done it. What it feels like to become an egg donor for childless couples to have a baby. Through this post, we will tell you how egg donation process is performed in India and what is required to become an egg donor.

Who’s the best candidate for Egg Donation ?

Seed ART Bank, a leading egg donation agency in India, is seeking for women who are happily ready to donate their eggs to make someone’s parenthood dreams come true. Here are a few signs to become eligible for egg donation :

Healthy and fit : A donor should be physically and mentally fit. A young woman who wants to donate her eggs to help another woman have a baby should have a clean personal and family medical history.

Aged 21-29 years : Seed ART Bank adheres to the guidelines laid down by Indian Council for Medical and Research. The egg donors should be at least 21 years old to safeguard their reproductive health as they will be enough mature to understand the complications involved in the egg donation process.

No fear of injections : Egg donation requires blood withdrawals and self-injected medications. Yes, you heard it right! Some women find this process complicated while some feel blessed to give their own eggs to help couples have a baby.

Flexibility : We completely understand that you have a life and we will offer enough flexibility. In case of conflicts regarding the schedulesm we expect our egg donors to be understanding and patient.

Non-smoker : A non-smoker can never be a good egg donor. A perfect egg donor should be 100% nicotine free during the egg donation programme at Seed ART Bank.

Financial needs : There is no denial in this fact. We know that you have financial needs to settle down in your career or for travel purposes. We offer impressive compensations to our egg donors well in time.

Good Ethical Background : We possess egg donors from different ethnic backgrounds – Indian, Asian, Caucasian or African egg donors.