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Seed ART Bank is the leading ART Bank in India and a well-known provider of Indian egg donors and surrogate mothers. As the leading agency, we help childless couples for becoming proud parents as we have completed more than 1000 families through surrogacy and egg donation.

We pride ourselves for having the largest collection of surrogate mothers and egg donors in our database which continues to grow every day. We match egg donors and surrogate mothers to couples who are desperate to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Unlike other agency, we thoroughly screen our prospective parents, surrogates and egg donors to ensure that all parties receive unparalleled support and care.

At Seed ART Bank, we make every effort to provide comprehensive and highest quality care. That is why, you should rely on our experts, who make your journey less stressful and more successful. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of parenthood through surrogacy.

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    What people are saying

          When I contacted Seed ART Bank, I knew this surrogacy agency would make things happen for us. The staff here was truly cooperative, and support at every step. It was not an easy process. They counseled, groomed and guided us and helped us with our surrogate care who gifted us with a cute baby boy ! – Mrs. Svani, Delhi

          I would like to express my gratitude to the whole Seed ART Bank team for removing my doubts about the donor that I had chosen. I knew that donor was real and associated with them. Thanks again, my process was successful and I am 4 months pregnant now ! – Mrs. Meenum, UP

          Unlike other agencies, the staff at Seed ART Bank actually sent me all the results and reports of my surrogate’s well-being along with her pictures, so I was able to rest easy even though we were far away. Your amazing professionalism and warm support has led us to becoming parents. We are extremely grateful. – Mr. Anirudh Kushwaha, Chandigarh

          What convinced me to go with Seed ART Bank was their experience with various IVF centres. With a great working relationship, we thought they were credible and indeed they were! They completed all formalities in an organized manner and helped us to become proud parents! Thanks so much ! – Mrs. Rati, Srinagar

          The reason I chose Seed ART Bank was due to their egg donor database. They had over 100 profiles for me to choose from and each profile had all the details such as previous donations etc. The structured process really impressed me and I was assured that I was in the right hands. – Mrs. Anupriya, Delhi

          I would like to thank my caucasian donor, which I got through Seed ART Bank. I am happy to say that the process was quite smooth and they informed me at every step of the process. And thank you for connecting me to the fertility clinic ! – Mr. David, USA

          I truly believe that I would not have been playing with my babies today if Seed ART Bank had not helped me. I have had two bad experiences with other agencies before, but thankfully I found Seed ART Bank. My surrogacy experience was quite smooth and luckily I was blessed with twins ! – Mrs. Sumitra Gosh, Kolkata

          Thanks a million! You really helped me in finding the best donor! I was a little nervous about this entire procedure but not at all anymore! Thank you to the whole Seed ART Bank team. – Mr. Praveen Kumar, Jaipur

          I have wonderful experience with Seed ART Bank, as always. In fact, after meeting donors from other agencies, I was convinced and proud that I was represented by the SAB team. Thank you for setting the bar high and maintaining a higher level of expectations. – Mrs. Madhumita, Gorguan

    How Can We Help To Create Your Family ?

    With great interest and open arms we welcome you on the road to Parenthood ! Seed ART Bank is much more than an agency and we love to help couples and individuals fulfill their wishes of having a baby is truly a privilege and an honour. If you have any questions about our egg donation and surrogacy agency, please consult us by submitting your queries in the below section. We will always guide you for every step of the way.